Basic provisions

A reliable gambling establishment must have the necessary permits and licenses for its activities. This applies to Wine Pakistan, which is licensed by the Government of Curacao. Based on this, the company is obliged to comply with national and international regulations, as well as laws in the field of gambling. For a legal and reliable game, the organization must ensure proper protection of the personal data of users, which 1win Pakistan uses for various purposes. All reasons, as well as the procedure for obtaining and analyzing private details, are described in detail in the privacy policy.

Each person must consent to the processing of information, as well as to the implementation of the rules of this document. If the user does not agree, then he should leave the web page, as he will not be able to access most of the services.

1win Pakistan has the right to adjust the provisions of the policy. If this concerns fundamental user rights, then company staff will send appropriate notifications via email. In any case, the organization publishes the new version on the official website so that all players have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the changes in advance.

Data categories

1win Pakistan will receive and analyze private information from any company platform, including the official web page, mobile version, and the 1win app. Any facts that will help identify the user, as well as improve his stay in the gambling establishment, are important for the organization. However, there are the most important categories:

  • Data provided by the player. This happens during profile creation or verification. The user must provide full name, phone number, date of birth, gender, email, and identification document;
  • Details that are obtained automatically. As soon as the player opens the site, the company begins the process of obtaining and analyzing private information. Thanks to this method, an organization can find out the IP address, browser and device type, language and other settings, session duration, and much more;
  • Additional sources. 1win Pakistan has the right to access any player data that is publicly available on the Internet. It may also turn to third parties to obtain the necessary facts.


A gambling establishment has the ability to analyze and use the private data of players only if it fits into one of three categories of reasons:

  • Compliance with the terms of the contract. When a user creates a profile in 1win, he enters into an agreement with the company. Each party has its obligations. An organization can only fulfill a number of these responsibilities by using personal details;
  • Legal requirements. As a licensed gambling establishment, 1win Pakistan has several obligations to government authorities. For example, cooperate in the field of combating money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, cybercrime, and so on. The company may provide certain information about users for investigation purposes;
  • Commercial purposes. The institution has goals, the achievement of which is necessary for the development of activities and improvement of the quality of services;
  • User consent. In some cases, the client may consent to data processing. Most often this concerns marketing tasks.

Methods of application

The company uses private details only for legal purposes and with a full security guarantee:

  • To provide clients with access to the services of the institution;
  • Assist in processing user requests and procedures;
  • Providing quality assistance and communication with customer service staff;
  • To check players for compliance with the rules of the gambling establishment;
  • Stopping illegal activities on the site and minimizing risks;
  • To improve the quality of products and services;
  • Creating new products based on player preferences, testing them, and introducing them to the platform;
  • To ensure the information security of clients;
  • Conducting an analysis of the institution’s activities and developing a new business strategy;
  • Assistance in conducting fast and secure financial transactions;
  • To evaluate users’ play under responsible gaming;
  • To monitor suspicious player activity;
  • Providing clients with the opportunity to exercise their rights.

Information disclosure

1win Pakistan does not have the right to sell or transfer personal details to third parties. However, there are cases where the company is obliged to do this:

  • All companies that are part of the 1win group have the right to access customer data;
  • The organization’s suppliers and partners help fill the site with convenient and high-quality services. For this to continue, the institution must provide some facts about the players;
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations is only possible if private details are disclosed to government authorities during an investigation;
  • The institution can share private details with members of the affiliate program who bring clients to the gambling establishment.

Security measures

The gambling establishment will do everything possible to ensure that players’ private information does not fall into the hands of criminals and is not subject to threats. To achieve this, the institution uses the following measures:

  • Data encryption. 1win Pakistan uses the latest encryption methods, including SSL and TLS ciphers. All personal data of players is always stored in encrypted form;
  • Access limitation. At 1win Pakistan, only a limited number of employees work with clients’ private details. In addition, they sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Network protection. The company cooperates with the best security system providers, which ensures a high level of network protection;
  • Control of data centers. These centers are under the physical protection of security forces who regularly check the log of visits and activities.

Customer Service

The client can contact support if:

  • He believes that his rights have been violated;
  • He wants to correct private facts;
  • The policy provisions are unclear to him;
  • He encountered technical problems.

The user must make a request via the email address If the manager cannot solve the problem, then the issue is referred to the company management for consideration. If an organization is unable to resolve a dispute with a player, then the individual has the right to contact their local data protection authority.