In addition to the fundamental rules for customers, 1win Pakistan also has legal obligations to players. One of them is monitoring user activity to ensure compliance with the concept of responsible gaming. This commitment is clearly stated in both the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. The company may temporarily block the user’s account and also report to the competent authorities if the player loses control.

The main goal of 1win Pakistan is to provide safe services and comfortable conditions for an exciting pastime. To prevent this from causing problems to the mental and physical health of clients, the organization carries out extensive information work, shares useful tools and tips with players, and also provides them with assistance. Moreover, all these actions are carried out based on the best international practices in the field of responsible gaming.


Many players may not notice that they have problems with gambling, as it slowly penetrates all areas of life. Therefore, 1win Pakistan suggests answering several questions that will help reveal the true attitude towards gambling:

  1. Is your passion for betting and gaming serious?
  2. Do you increase your bet amount with each game?
  3. Have you ever borrowed money to place a bet?
  4. Have you ever committed criminal acts to get money for gambling?
  5. Has your reputation among colleagues and friends worsened due to betting?
  6. Are you ignoring work and family responsibilities?
  7. Do you get angry if something prevents you from placing a bet?
  8. Are you hiding your gambling addiction from friends or relatives?
  9. Have you tried to take control of the game, but it was not successful?

You should seek professional help if you answered yes to at least two questions.

Recommendations and tips

Players can have fun at the gambling establishment. However, they must always exercise caution and also control the game. 1win Pakistan offers guidelines to help users be responsible:

  • Remember that gambling is just a way to have fun, improve your skills, and make new friends;
  • Do not consider gambling as a way to solve financial problems;
  • Before placing a bet, make sure you know the rules and conditions of the game;
  • If you lose, do not try to win back at any cost;
  • Remember that there is no formula for winning in gambling. All games are based on a random number generator;
  • Before you start the game, determine the amount you can spend. If necessary, set a deposit limit;
  • Control the amount of time spent on the site. Maintain a balance between work, friends, family, and gambling;
  • Never borrow money to place a bet;
  • Do not visit the site if you are in a bad mood or intoxicated.

Take a break

In order not to aggravate the problem, users can temporarily refuse to participate in games. To do this, they can contact customer service and request self-exclusion. This means that for a certain period, you will not be able to make a deposit or place bets.

The client can also leave the gambling establishment forever by requesting the complete deletion of the profile. It is important to remember that after this you will never be able to regain access to your account.

Professional help

The international community is making every effort to help people with gambling addiction. If you are experiencing this issue and would like advice or professional help, then check out these resources: