Any reputable gambling establishment has a solid legal framework that regulates the main activities of the company. 1win Pakistan not only has the license and necessary permits to operate, but has also created several fundamental agreements to regulate relationships with clients. The most important document is the terms and conditions. It spells out the basic rights and responsibilities of users, the rules of all procedures, as well as ways to resolve disputes.

This agreement is concluded between the player and 1win Pakistan at the time of account creation. The person must carefully study the provisions and agree to their implementation. Otherwise, the user will not be able to become a full-fledged client of the gambling establishment.

Gambling legislation is quite flexible, and the company can update its services and products. This means that 1win Pakistan may from time to time add to, modify, or delete provisions of the agreement. Each player will be notified in advance of the new version of the document. As soon as the organization publishes a new agreement on the website, it comes into force.

Access permission

1win Pakistan welcomes thousands of new clients every year. However, they all must meet certain requirements:

  • The player must be over 18 years old. Individuals should also note that their jurisdiction may have a different age for access to gambling. Employees of the organization will request documents that confirm the client’s age;
  • In some jurisdictions, the law may prohibit the operation of online casinos. The user must ensure that the use of the web page is legal. The company does not provide legal advice, so the client should investigate this matter independently;
  • The gambling establishment will not accept players from the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Syria, South Sudan, Panama, Latvia, Lithuania, Barbados, Albania, North Korea and Malta;
  • NetEnt games are not available in Afghanistan, Algeria, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, Syria, Ecuador, Australia, Panama, North Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Estonia, Taiwan, and Nicaragua;
  • Clients from Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Spain, Romania, Portugal, USA, China, Ukraine, Russia, Panama, Denmark, Estonia, and France will not be able to access Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead;
  • Pooled jackpots are not available in Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, India, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Japan, Spain and Thailand.


Before starting the game, a person must go through the account creation process. This procedure has the following rules:

  • The person must choose any registration method: one click or via email;
  • If the person has chosen the second method, then a valid email address must be used;
  • The user must provide detailed and truthful information and fill in all empty fields. Company employees will verify the accuracy of this data by requesting identification documents;
  • Each client can create only one profile on the website. If a player creates a second account, he will be blocked;
  • The user must come up with a unique username and a strong password as per the requirements;
  • The player must not disclose account login information to third parties;
  • If the client believes that someone has gained unauthorized access to his profile, then he must report this to customer support;
  • The Company has the right, at its discretion, to refuse to create an account for a person.

Sports betting rules

If players want an exciting and hassle-free game then they must know the rules that apply to accepting bets, calculating winnings, and announcing results:

  • Bets are calculated based on the data provided by the processing center;
  • Bets are accepted only from registered users;
  • The bookmaker has the right to change odds and other conditions at any time. At the same time, those bets that were placed before the conditions changed remain valid;
  • If the staff made an error when accepting or calculating a bet, then it is declared invalid;
  • The bet is considered winning if the client correctly predicted all outcomes;
  • Once the player receives the winnings, he must ensure that the amount is correct. All complaints are accepted only within 10 days after the results are announced;
  • If 1win Pakistan suspects a player of knowing the result of a match in advance, then the winnings will be canceled and the user’s profile may be blocked;
  • Without prior notice or explanation, the bookmaker may limit the maximum bet or odds;
  • A player can only bet an amount that does not exceed his account balance;
  • The client can only place a bet before the start of the event. During a match, this is only available in live betting;
  • If the bet was calculated incorrectly due to erroneous data, then it will be recalculated;
  • Any sporting event is considered postponed if there is an official statement from the organization that is hosting the match;
  • The bookmaker is not responsible if the time or date of the match is incorrectly indicated on their website. The user should check this information in other sources.

Prohibited actions

If the client does not want the profile to be closed and legal proceedings with 1win Pakistan, then he should not perform the following actions:

  • Conspire with other clients to defraud the organization and obtain benefits;
  • Transfer or sell your profile to a third party;
  • Transfer money between player accounts;
  • Use the site for fraud, money laundering, or terrorist financing;
  • Use software that can disrupt the operation of the platform;
  • Insult or humiliate other clients, as well as company employees;
  • Upload information to the site in such a volume that it will create a load on the server;
  • Try to hack web page security systems to gain access to confidential data;
  • Copy and distribute intellectual property for commercial gain.

Customer Service

Users can get help or advice on any issue through customer support. This department is also necessary to receive complaints from players and also resolve disputes between the client and 1win Pakistan. Users can use the following methods:

Support staff will try to respond as quickly as possible. However, if this concerns a complaint or dispute, the organization may take 14 days to provide a quality response. This period may be extended to 30 days if the company needs to conduct further investigation.